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Young Justice Book Four
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Eisner Award winner Peter David returns with his groundbreaking series Young Justice! Young Justice is an incredible group of teenage heroes dedicated to keeping the universe safe. The core members of the team--Robin, Superboy, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Secret, and the newly inducted Empress--are off on another set of wild adventures. They are joined by some fresh faces for the first time, including the aloof and powerful Batgirl, Cassandra Cain. Cassie brings along a ragtag posse including the shape-changing Beast Boy, crazy alien Li'l Lobo, and amphibious Atlantean Lagoon Boy. Can these young crime-fighters work together, or will it be an all-out war? Plus, the Young Justice gang goes down under to support their former teammate Arrowette as she and the U.S. archery team compete in the Australia Games. But the games take an interesting turn as Monsieur Mallah and the Brain lead a Zandian team of villains into competition! Witness these wacky escapades and more in Young Justice Book Four! This volume features classic stories by Peter David (Supergirl), with art by Todd Nauck (The Amazing Spider-Man), Larry Stucker (Teen Titans), and others. Collects Young Justice #20-32.

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