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Dilbert - Die komplette Serie | Scott Adams | D...
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Dilbert - Die komplette SerieDVDvon Scott AdamsEAN: 4006448765743Fsk: 12Inhalt: 4 DVDsBeilage: Daniel Stern, Larry Miller, Chris Elliott, Jackie Hoffman, Tom Kenny, Billy West, Jerry Seinfeld, Jon Favreau, Eugene Levy, Gilbert Gottfried, Jay LenoErscheinu

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Un-Cabaret Stories: Fragments of Failure, Hörbu...
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Larry wants to be remembered for his failures as well as his successes. Here he recounts pitches and excerpts from treatments for projects he developed that never got the green light. LARRY CHARLES is the Emmy-winning writer and producer for Seinfeld, Co-Exectuive Producer on Curb Your Enthusiasm, was the creator, executive producer and showrunner for Mad About You, The Tick, and Dilbert. He also Directed Masked and Anonymous starring Bob Dylan, Religulous starring Bill Maher and Borat starring Sascha Baron-Cohen. This performance was recorded at Say the Word, Un-Cabaret´s seminal reading series at the Skirball Center in LA. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Larry Charles, Beth Lapides. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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