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The New Yorker (September 17, 2007), Hörbuch, D...
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There are seven articles in this issue:COMMENT´´Offenses´´, by Hendrik Hertzberg: The Larry Craig affair.HERE TO THERE´´Tiny Wheels´´, by David Owen: A very small car indeed.THE LITERARY LIFE´´First at Ninety´´, by Rebecca Mead: A novelist´s very late début.A REPORTER AT LARGE´´Planning for Defeat´´, by George Packer: How and when should the U.S. leave Iraq?SHOUTS AND MURMURS´´Portrait in Evil: My Story´´, by Larry Doyle: Karl Rove´s memoirs.ANNALS OF MEDICINE´´Crybabies´´, by Jerome Groopman: The conundrum of colic.THE CURRENT CINEMA´´Space Cases´´, by Anthony Lane: Reviews of Eastern Promises and In the Shadow of the Moon. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Todd Mundt. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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