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MUSTANG Damen Lederjacke Larry mit Ton-in-Ton S...
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In schmaler Silhouette und mit genau der richtigen Portion Extras verströmt die MUSTANG Lederjacke Larry herrliches Fashion-Flair. Die rockig inspirierten Steppungen und Zickzack-Nähte akzentuieren das Essential, während sich die Reißverschlüsse mit Antik-Finish zeigen. Für höchsten Komfort sorgen das weiche Leder und das Innenfutter im variierenden Look. Diese Biker-Jacke ist ein individuelles Stil-Investment für jetzt und die kommenden Seasons ...

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Young Rascals - The Young Rascals 180g LP
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LP auf SUNDAZED RECORDS von YOUNG RASCALS - The Young Rascals 180g LP In their ´60s heyday, the Young Rascals were America´s hottest homegrown hitmakers. At a time when the pop U.S. pop charts were dominated by British Invasion acts, the dynamic New York quartet´s effortlessly hip blend of blue-eyed soul grit, scrappy garage-rock spirit and old-school rock ´n´ roll savvy spawned a lengthy string of timeless hits and an album catalogue that remains one of the most beloved in popular music. The high-energy quartet´vocalist Eddie Brigati, singer/organist Felix Cavaliere, guitarist Gene Cornish and drummer Dino Danelli, all of whom already had years of experience playing in clubs in the New York area´was also notable for making consistently high-quality albums that showcased the band´s depth and versatility. The Young Rascals´ self-titled 1966 debut LP was one of that year´s best-selling rock albums´and one of the best. Taking full advantage of the foursome´s surfeit of vocal and instrumental talent, the sizzling set features the Rascals´ infectious smash single ´Good Lovin´,´ along with their exuberantly punky first hit ´I Ain´t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore.´ The band´s abundant interpretive skills are showcased on their punchy readings of such rock and soul standards as Larry Williams´ ´Slow Down,´ Bob Dylan´s ´Like a Rolling Stone,´ the Beau Brummels´ ´Just A Little´ and the Wilson Pickett classics ´Mustang Sally´ and ´In the Midnight Hour,´ which showcase the performing skills that the band members honed in their years of playing in New York-area nightclubs. Original vinyl copies of The Young Rascals have become increasingly hard to find in recent years, and even then, they tend to sell at inflated collectors´ prices. But this landmark debut LP is now back on High-Definition Vinyl, mastered from the vintage analog stereo tapes, with complete original cover art, so there´s no need to eat out your heart anymore!

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