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Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don't Dry - Limi...
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Allgemein Produkt-Name , Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don't Dry - Limitierte Big Box Edition, Produktart , CD-ROM, Plattform , PC, Spielbeschreibung Spielbeschreibung , Achtung Ladies, ich komme! In meinem neuen Abenteuer Leisure Suit Larry - Wet dreams don’t dry verschlägt es mich – wie auch immer – vom Ende der 80er direkt ins Jahr 2018 – und Wow, hat sich die Welt vielleicht verändert! Während mein Welt- und Frauenbild aus den 80ern mit der modernen Realität härter zusammenprallt, als die Brüste einer drallen Blondine beim Joggen am Strand, date ich mich nun durch das 21. Jahrhundert!, Spielgenre , Adventure, Spielmodus , offline, Anzahl Spieler (offline) , 1, USK-Freigabe , ab 16, Sprachausgabe (Sprache) , Deutsch, Anleitung (Sprache) , Deutsch, Textausgabe (Sprache) , Deutsch, Systemanforderungen Zubehör (erforderlich) , Tastatur, Internetverbindung , nicht erforderlich, Hinweise Artikelhinweis , Dieser Artikel wird in einer versiegelten Verpackung an Sie geliefert. Bitte beachten Sie, dass Ihr Widerrufsrecht erlischt, wenn Sie die Versiegelung nach Erhalt des Artikels entfernen.,

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Heroic Personal Finances for Christians: Accele...
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Are you a Christian who has gone through church small group money classes, such as Crown Financial or Financial Peace University? If so, have you felt like there are important money management strategies missing from their content? Have you ever wondered if there is more to financial investing than a four-part, 25 percent in growth stock mutual funds approach? Have you ever questioned if a focus on stock market investing, college savings, and paying off your home early can really create long-term wealth? Have you ever had the thought that maybe certain financial ´´experts´´ have painted themselves into a corner when it comes to advanced money management practices? In this book the author draws on the rich insights of a variety of experts such as Tim Ferriss, Robert Kiyosaki, Andy Stanley, Robert Morris, Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey, Napoleon Hill, Michael Hyatt, R. Nelson Nash, and Dave Ramsey. Using valuable nuggets of financial wisdom from these renowned experts, Pastor Larry Jones dug himself out of debt twice for a grand total of $130,000 in debt repayment over nine years. And in the middle of this financial mess, he survived a difficult divorce while staying faithful to his calling to ministry. This book weaves his personal story along with what he learned. In Beyond Peace in Christian Finances, Pastor Larry inspires you to consider this highly researched, Christian personal finance journey. This book will: Lay a solid foundation for your money plan Equip you with strategic action steps for a disciplined life Give a multistep approach to grow in the area of generosity Focus on habit stacking and wealthy morning rituals Explain the concept of the investment pyramid Encourage an 80/20 (Pareto principle) focus in your work habits 1. Language: English. Narrator: Larry Jones. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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